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Our building maintenance services can keep you focused on running your business while we perform services such as lighting maintenance, minor drywall repairs, touch-up painting, door repairs, and more. We have a mix of multi-talented, multi-skilled trades personnel who are experienced in several areas of building repair and maintenance to help keep your facility looking its best. When paired with regular cleaning services, our managers automatically frequent your building and report back with any maintenance issues.

Building Maintenance schedules are vital to keeping maintenance costs down and ensuring the longevity of building mechanical equipment. Simple tasks such as regular filter changes can increase equipment lifespan and decrease operational costs. We can handle scheduling as well as performing these tasks and reporting back with progress updates. Our services can also work in conjunction with your existing HVAC, plumbing, electrical and mechanical contractors to co-ordinate and schedule maintenance intervals.

We know that each building is unique and has its own unique maintenance requirements. Let us help you by performing our Facility Assessment which can help identify key areas and determine a proper maintenance schedule for your building.

Our Maintenance Services

We offer following building maintenance services:
  • Electrical Services
  • Plumbing Services
  • Carpentry Services
  • Landscape Care Services
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance Services
  • Masonry Works
  • Tiles Fixing
  • Home Paint / Villa Paint Services
  • Renovation / Refurbishment

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